My YouTube Clip(s) of the week. #Valentines #Fails #ProposalPrank #BadIdea

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys!

For today’s YTCofW I decided to go with something VDay themed. I don’t know if it’s just me but I am way more fascinated by the stories of love gone bad, than by the mushy ones. haha. So, if you are like me… you may enjoy these.

– no1. This one is brutal. A man gets down on one knee… in a busy food court to ask his gf Caroline to Marry him. Just watch… ouch. I feel for him.

– no2. is a prank gone wrong. A new couple go for a lunch on VDay. And the girlfriend has organised to prank her man. The waiter brings a ring to the table as if he had asked for it to be done. He doesn’t know what’s going on. She pretends like she is really shocked and thinks it’s waaaaay too soon. What he says next is priceless.

– no3. a man is looking for his first kiss. The women are all too keen to help the guy out, but when he asks the very large bouncer man for a kiss… he gets more than he bargained for.

– no4. if you haven’t had enough of the awkwardness. Here is a compilation of 5 proposal fails. ouch! PS: Caroline and the abomination that is the food court proposal features here too. Ouch AGAIN.


My YouTube clip of the week. To remember the legend, Bob Marley, who would have been 70 yesterday. This cover will blow you away.

And another Saturday is upon us. Which means another YouTube clip of the week. This one has a special place in my heart, and because it was the legend’s birthday yesterday, I thought I would keep it all Marley today.

This is a clip I came across from the audition stages of ‘the voice of Holland’ season 4. His name is Mitchell Brunings. He is amazing.

at the time of posting this, this clip had had 33,711,066 views. Follow Mitchell on twitter here.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as me. Goosebumps every time. ♥



My #YouTubeClipOfTheWeek #EvolutionOfHipHopDancing featuring @JimmyFallon and WILL SMITH!!!

Every Sat I share a video with you that I think is… flipping kiff. There really is very little to explain here. If you aren’t familiar with Jimmy Fallon and his show… do yourself a favour and check out the rest of his stuff. But this is a great start. You may be familiar with a video that went viral called the “Evolution of Dance” which has had over 289 MILLION views. My video is a different take on it… it’s the Evolution of Hip Hop dancing… done by Jimmy Fallon and the one and only… WILL SMITH. It’s had over 23 million views and from the cabbage patch, and the ‘wop’… to running man and every other imaginable hip hop dance… this is a lot of fun to watch 🙂 And the soundtrack is KILLER.



Only watch this if you WANT TO DANCE!! My #YouTubeClipofTheWeek. It’s @C2Cdjs #Happy. #GospelFunk #wow

Every week I choose a ‘sick’ video and share it with you, my readers and on air with my Heart 104.9FM listeners. Today is an absolute favourite of mine.
This song is called HAPPY… and oh my oh my…. I get SO STOKED when I listen to it. And I think that this music video is off the chaaaaaaain. Hence the reason THIS is my choice for my #YoutubeClipOfTheWeek. At the time of me putting up this post, this video (put up in Dec 2012) had had just over 11,803,000 views

C2C (also known as Coups2Cross) was formed in 1998 in the city of Nantes. The collaboration group consists of 4 French DJ’s: Atom and pFeL from Beat Torrent and 20Syl and Greem from Hocus Pocus. Members of an emerging movement called scratch music, each member of the group uses his turntable as an instrument, recreating in turn drums, bass guitars, scratching a riff of guitar or shearing the brass.


They met during their high school years and as teens they were fascinated by the work of DJ Qbert and DJ Shadow, the founding fathers of turntablism. They set off to make a name for themselves at the turn of the millennium and soon started developing their own unique performing style. Follow them on twitter HERE

Want to sing along? No problem… Here are the lyrics. *have a favourite #YoutubeClip? Send them to me now:*


(feat. Derek Martin)

You’ll never feel happy
You’ll never feel happy, no you won’t, until you try!
You’ll never feel happy
You’ll never feel happy, until you even try [x7]
You’ll never feel happy, until you try

You’ll never feel happy, until you even try [x3]
You’ll never feel happy, until you try

Everybody needs this
Everybody needs this, happy thing
Everybody needs this, everybody needs this, happy thing

This song is not a gospel song
This song is not a funk song
This song is not a wrong song
This song is a real song aaaah!

You’ll never feel happy, until you even try! [x4]
I need to be happy! Every, everyday!
And every night!
Again and again!
You know what? you’ll never never never never never never never never feel..

You’ll never feel happy, until you even try …

Never never never,
Never never never,
Never never never,
Never never never woooou!

You’ll never feel happy, until you even try! [x4]


My YouTube Clip of the week: GREAT MJ medley, all vocals by ONE man.

I first watched THIS YouTube clip years ago. But I had to share it. With just under 33 million views, I’m not surprised if you have also already seen this.
I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s early work and I really loved how this medley was put together, I was also blown away by how all the harmonies were done by just one person. Sam Tsui.

Samuel “Sam” Tsui (born May 2, 1989[2]) is an American musician and internet celebrity who rose to fame on YouTube. He is best known for covering songs by popular artists like Adele, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, as well as for his original songs, medleys, and mashups, along with his frequent collaborations with Kurt Hugo Schneider. As of September 2014, he had 1.5 million subscribers.” – for full Wikipedia article click here.

I would love to know what YOU think of this. And, if you have a YouTube clip that you think would be great for #MyYoutubeClipOfTheWeek please send it to me via email:

enjoy ♥

My Youtube Clip of the Week: Alex and Sierra cover Britney Spears TOXIC! #sultry

I am loving these audition videos and this one is one of my favourites. Now I’m not trying to love my deeply rooted love for Britney… but I really think this version of her song TOXIC by this couple is just too good. Take a listen, have a watch…. and tell me what you think? It’s really great seeing a performer not trying to be all sexual… and it comes across so beautifully sultry. With just under 22 million views it seems this couple has us all ‘in love with their love’.

got a great YouTube vid you’d like to share? email them to me on

My YouTube Clip of the week: GREAT flashmob choreography! ♥

Every Saturday, I put up a video that I really love. And this week is a video I must have watched a hundred times, but that’s nothing when you see that this video has had over 6.6 million views. I have a background in dance and choreography so maybe this is why I just love this so much, but I also really enjoy their choice of music (Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us). This dance troupe, named ‘hey crew’ are really amazing. And I definitely have a crush on their lead choreographer Guillaume Lorentz.
I’m also a huge fan of flashmobs, I wish we did them more 🙂

Enjoy this awesome piece of choreography. And if you have any great youtube videos please send them to me via email to ☻

What is a ‘flashmob’?

A flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.[2][3][4] Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.[5][6][7][8][9]

There is some question as to whether the term, coined in 2003, is applied to events and performances organized for the purposes of politics (such as protests), commercial advertisement, publicity stunts that involve public relation firms, or paid professionals.[7][10][11] In these cases of a planned purpose for the social activity in question, the term smart mobs is often applied instead.

The term “flash rob” or “flash mob robberies”, a reference to the way flash mobs assemble, has been used to describe a number of robberies and assaults perpetrated suddenly by groups of teenage youth.[12][13][14] Bill Wasik, originator of the first flash mobs, and a number of other commentators have questioned or objected to the usage of “flash mob” to describe criminal acts,[14][15] however, in a number of reported cases, flash mobs have turned violent or led to criminal activity.[16][17]


My Youtube Clip of the week… #womensday #CarlyRoseSonneclar


I have shared this video many times before… but this audition holds a very special place in my heart and is my choice for today’s YouTube Clip of the week.

Carly Rose Sonenclar (born April 20, 1999)[1] is an American singer and teen actress. In December 2012, she became the runner-up on the second season of the American version of the The X Factor.

She began her acting career in 2003, soon making her Broadway debut in Les Miserables as Young Cosette. Among other stage roles, she originated the role of Chloe (Alice’s daughter) in the 2011 musical Wonderland on Broadway. She played a regular character in season 3 of the The Electric Company television series and has sung the U.S. National Anthem for major sporting events.

In 2012, Sonenclar auditioned for the second season of The X Factor USA with the song “Feeling Good” by Cy Grant (famously covered by Nina Simone among others). Sonenclar received a standing ovation from all four judges (L.A. Reid commented “You may be 13, but your soul is old!”; Simon Cowell awarded her “4,833 yes-es”), and she advanced to the next round.[13] After her successful initial audition, she advanced through the first day of X Factor’s “bootcamp,” where she sang “Pumped Up Kicks” with Beatrice Miller. Of the 120 contestants who auditioned at bootcamp that day, she was among the sixty or so asked to continue on.[14] At the end of bootcamp, she was chosen to be one of the six contestants in the “teens” category who were invited to perform at the “judges’ houses” stage of the competition. She performed the song “Brokenhearted” for the “teens” category mentor, Britney Spears, and Spears’s guest judge Both Spears and responded positively to her performance; remarked appreciatively that she was “possessed.” Sonenclar next advanced into the Top 16 round, where she performed “Good Feeling“, then the Top 13 round, where she performed “It Will Rain“. When Sonenclar reached the Top 12 round—where she performed “My Heart Will Go On“—it was revealed that she was the second-most-voted for person in the competition so far, behind only Tate Stevens,[15] a distinction she achieved again after advancing to the Top 10 round.

On November 21, she performed the song “Over the Rainbow“, which she received a standing ovation from all four judges, sending her into the Top 8 round. It was revealed that she had been the #1 most-voted-for contestant in the competition that night.[16] On November 28, she performed “Rolling in the Deep“, sending her into the Top 6 round, and was revealed to have again been the #1 most-voted-for contestant in the competition.[17] She later advanced to the Finale round, in which she performed “Feeling Good” (again), “How Do I Live” (with LeAnn Rimes), and “Hallelujah“.[18] On December 20, 2012, it was announced that she had finished the competition in second place behind Tate Stevens.


My YouTube clip of the week. FEMALE DRIVING FAILS haha.

It’s the first Saturday of Women’s Month and consider I do the traffic on #Drive326, I couldn’t resist this one.
I don’t think ALL women are bad drivers, but I have seen women do some stupid ‘ish’ on the roads, these are just priceless. It’s 10 female driving fails… hahahaa. enjoy xxx

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My YouTube Clip of the week: #SealOfApproval CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Aptly called ‘seal of approval’ this vimeo clip displays just how welcome us humans are in the underwater world. These divers struck gold when they were approached by a herd of seals. The interaction that follows had me in happy tears. They are so incredibly curious and have an uncanny resemblance to everybody’s childhood dog. haha. I have included a quote below from the divers who got this footage. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did. And please, KEEP OUR SEAS CLEAN!!!!! PROTECT OUR SEA CREATURES.

Come and join me and the gang as we get the seal of approval as we visit the Farne Islands in Northumberland in October 2013. We’ve been visiting here for the last six years to say hello to the seal pups and we’ve never had this much interaction before – they were everywhere and all over us!!!! After a nightmare drive there with the worst traffic coupled with the imminent arrival of the St. Jude’s storm we didn’t think this trip was going to be worth the effort but once again the seals made every second worthwhile…….

Enjoy the show!!!

Filmed on location in the Farne Islands, UK with the help of Sovereign Divers. Here’s a link to where we were diving:

Cameras: Hero2 and Hero3 with no filters and next to no lights (seals didn’t like the lights!!)

Music: Imagine Dragons, “On top of the world”.

Extra disclaimer: The seals are wild animals and approach the divers entirely by their own choice. No seals are forced to interact or forced to stay. No seals are harmed by diver interaction. Seal interaction in the UK (where this was filmed) is not illegal.

Extra extra disclaimer: These seals are young pups who are very curious about the area in which they live. At the time of year that this was filmed the seals were about 2-4 months old and already 2m long and about 200-300lbs in weight. As always once the seals get older and move off to form colonies of their own elsewhere and the majority of them will not see people again. Fully adult seals are rarely this interactive and whilst tolerant of divers they tend to keep away after their first year of diver visits.

Extra Extra Extra disclaimer: no-one in this video works for or is in the employ of GoPro. We are all independent divers who bumped into some seals.