I love this, 50 attributes you can be attracted to that have NOTHING to do with ‘looks’.

I came across this on stumbleupon.com today. And I really like it. We focus so much on what our ‘other half’ looks like. Now we can be real… WHY do you love your ‘one’? – ♥ Keri

50 Attributes You Can Be Attracted To In Someone (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

Flickr / katya_alagich
Flickr / katya_alagich

1. Their handwriting.

2. The way their personality can come through even in a text.

3. Their laugh.

4. When they remember things about you that you only mentioned once.

5. Their dancing, regardless of whether they’re good or bad at it.

6. Being confident without being arrogant.

7. When their laugh makes other people laugh.

8. The way they quote their favorite movies.

9. When they get worked up over something they’re passionate about.

10. Their voice.

11. When they treat their supposed “inferiors” the same way they treat their superiors.

12. An ability to admit when they’re wrong.

13. When you discover some of their secret, nerdy tendencies.

14. When they sing a song and they think no one is listening.

15. Being well-read.

16. If they can play an instrument (without being the guy that brings out his guitar at every. single. party.)

17. When they have a surprising amount of knowledge on a really random or obscure subject.

18. Their sense of humor.

19. A strong sense of curiosity.

20. When you see how they behave around their family.

21. Their unique scent.

22. Their ability to discuss a wide range of topics.

23. When they’re good with kids.

24. Their taste in music.

25. When they have the ability to be playful and goofy.

26. Their humility.

27. If they can speak a foreign language.

28. When they can tease you without being offensive.

29. Their intelligence.

30. When they’re not afraid to call you out if you’re being ridiculous or stubborn.

31. Their vulnerability.

32. When they laugh so hard that they tend to wet themselves, or have their drink come out of their nose.

33. The way they pronounce certain words.

34. When they have integrity about everything they do.

35. Silliness.

36. When they know how to take a joke.

37. Quirkiness.

38. Watching them watch their favorite tv show.

39. When they’re good at cooking. Or are at least trying to learn.

40. Their optimism.

41. Having good social skills – they know how to be friendly and hold a conversation without being obnoxious or ostentatious.

42. When they know what’s going on in the news.

43. When they can explain foreign concepts to you without being pretentious.

44. When they have an unexpected guilty pleasure (reality tv, cheesy romance novels, candy addictions, etc.)

45. An ability to speak the language of sarcasm.

46. When they know how to have fun and let loose, but also know their limits.

47. Fierce loyalty.

48. Motivation and drive.

49. If they help clean up when someone else prepares food for them.

50. When they have incredible manners.

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My Youtube Clip of the Week: Alex and Sierra cover Britney Spears TOXIC! #sultry

I am loving these audition videos and this one is one of my favourites. Now I’m not trying to love my deeply rooted love for Britney… but I really think this version of her song TOXIC by this couple is just too good. Take a listen, have a watch…. and tell me what you think? It’s really great seeing a performer not trying to be all sexual… and it comes across so beautifully sultry. With just under 22 million views it seems this couple has us all ‘in love with their love’.

got a great YouTube vid you’d like to share? email them to me on keri@1049.fm

My YOUTUBE vid of the week :) Valentine’s Prank haha

Every Sunday on my show I do a YOUTUBE video of the week.Anything that is interesting, entertaining or just plain rad.

I realise that Valentine’s Day was just over a week ago already, but I was sent this video by a listener on twitter, @HennoFourie, and I loved it. I’m such a fan of pranks and awkward moments and this is just great… albeit super awkward. This guy proposes to his girlfriend only to have her run away… the faces of the strangers are priceless.

oh, and PLEASE do me a favour… is that WILLIAM SHATNER in the background at 2m44???

What happens when you give the weekend breakfast shift an iPad and coffee?

There is something about working the early morning shift on the weekend that makes… Well, a sane person quite, different.

On Saturday we out the producer, the news reader and a presenter together to make this special vid for you from the studio. Haha.

‘So cool’ – or so we thought at the time.
We accept your judgment

My Youtube pick of the week…

I became obsessed with ‘Only1Noah’ after I saw his cover of ‘Sexy and I know it” originally by LMFAO.

My latest obession is Rihanna’s Diamonds. Not because I think it is a phenomenal song by any means, but because of how much fun it is to sing it with an Indian accent.

Hence my choice of video of the week this week.

It’s Noah’s cover of Diamonds 🙂

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Getting To Know A Little More About Keri Miller


see the original blog here: http://shebuiltthiscity.com/

Durbanite Keri Miller burst onto the radio scene on KFM’s Ground Patrol just over 3 years ago. From there she joined Lee Downs for Cape Town’s biggest commercial radio traffic show: KFM 94.5′s Drive. Currently she hosts her own weekend shows on KFM where she keeps you company on the weekend’s mornings. But how did this Durbanite ex-isiZulu teacher infiltrate the Cape radio scene and make such a positive impact? Here’s how:

SBTC: What is a Drive Show Co-Host and Traffic Reporter? 

KM: Well a co-host is exactly that, the side kick… Batman’s robin… I get to do the fun stuff while Lee has the admin. I have a traffic compiler who gets all the info from the traffic police and our SMS line and that’s how I know what’s happening on the roads. I have recently moved to the weekends to do my own show.

SBTC: What does co-hosting a radio show entail?

KM: Basically I would arrive at work and get my game on. ;) Lee preps me on the stories that he wants to focus on for the day. I am there to have a different opinion and be another voice really. There are listeners who side with his theories completely, and others who see things from my point of view. I think that works really well because we can represent a much larger audience. Other than that, I make coffee and Google cool YouTube videos ;)

SBTC: Do you genuinely disagree or do you find an opposing opinion to make radio more “interesting”?

KM: Good question – I have definitely done both, especially when I was with Lee. We tried to cover both sides of the story and if we were on the same side, then yes, I would try and give a different perspective.

SBTC: Does studying prepare you for on-air radio or do you learn everything on the job?

KM: I learned everything I know by being on air. You can learn to run a desk or to compile content but you learn everything on the job.

SBTC: Where do you come from? Did your background influence your passion for radio?

KM: I’m from Durban, KZN. I always had a love for radio. While my friends were playing mom to their dolls, I was doing radio shows for mine.  I did my work experience in Std 9 at East Coast Radio in Durban, then went on to study linguistics and drama at UKZN. I was on the lunch show at Red Cap Radio for 4 years before moving to Cape Town and joining the rad team at 94.5KFM.

SBTC: Have you ever had a listener say they don’t like you? If so, how did you handle this?

KM: Hahahahahaha definitely! You can’t have all 1.2 million people love you. So when a listener does message to tell me they don’t quite care for me, I thank them for being honest, apologise for annoying them and then ask if they have any constructive criticism. 9/10 times they feel bad for being so rude and add me on Facebook :)

SBTC: You’ve also spent a bit of time script writing and acting, is radio about acting?

KM: You can make it more like acting if you want to, for example, you can create a persona at your will. I, however, am just myself on air and I think that is why radio works, you get to be a real person.

SBTC: Do you still find time to act or write?

KM: I didn’t when I was on air with Lee daily but now that I have moved to the weekends I have a lot more time during the week to do more creative things.

SBTC: How does retail radio differ from commercial radio and which one do you prefer?

KM: Tough one. It’s freedom vs platform. I loved how free redcap radio was, I loved the choice I was given, however, you can’t compare retail to FM. If you want to make radio a career you need to be on a commercial station. Either way, radio is super fun.

SBTC: Do you prefer hosting your own show or co-hosting?

KM: I’m currently hosting Saturday mornings and Sunday night shows and there is something incredible about hosting your own show. But there is also something magical about finding that on air spark with someone resulting in creating a shit hot show! I would do both if I could, if there were more hours in a day.

SBTC: How do you prepare for your solo shows opposed to feeding off another presenter?

KM: Preparation is the same for both. It is about keeping up to date with current affairs and what is trending at the moment. The trick is trying to figure out how to incorporate your listeners into your conversations.

SBTC: You love MCing, what tools are needed to MC? 

KM: Live MCing and radio are actually really different. A lot of people who are very comfortable behind a mic are very uncomfortable in front of large groups of people. I LOVE MCing as I’m very comfortable on stage or on camera. The key is to just chat. Keep it natural, it makes the crowd more relaxed and that is why we are here :)

SBTC: What DON’T people know about radio?

KM: We have a license to play certain types of music. A station doesn’t cut out genres because they don’t ‘like’ them, it’s because we have a license to only play certain things. Just like a car license, you can’t drive an 18 wheeler truck on a code 8. And we are not involved in choosing the music on air, we’re given a set playlist.

SBTC: You also produced the Top 40 show for Mark Pilgrim, what does producing entail?

KM: Because the Top 40 is run across Jozi and the Western Cape, it means that we are running 2 studios with only one presenter. So while Mark was broadcasting from Jozi I would be running things from the Cape Town studio.

SBTC: What’s the secret to getting your foot in the radio door?

KM: Right time at the right place, really. I know that doesn’t sound promising, but there are so few radio slots and so many talented presenters. It is a mix of hard work, fortune and perseverance.

SBTC: Is a co-hosting a viable income or do you have a second job?

KM: Yes it is especially if you are on every day but you are only working 3-4 hours a day so there is definitely time for you to get a second job. Remembering though that there are lots of station activations that need you so you can’t do anything too serious. I took up a second part-time job at One80 training, a personal fitness gym on Loop street, as a kettle bell instructor.

SBTC: What’s your ultimate work goal?

KM: To up my profile, do more MC work, keep focused on my show and NEVER be a diva.

SBTC: What’s the best advice you were ever given that encouraged you?

KM: Be happy where you are. Positivity can’t come to you if you are negative. Be thankful for everything you have even though you are pushing for more.

Catch Keri on air on KFM on Saturday mornings from 5am as well as Sunday evenings at 9pm. Alternatively, follow her online either on Twitter or Facebook or read her blog on WordPress! And if you’re in the need to get beach ready for this summer, she’s available to help you train on One80Training.

thanks so much to Meg Shout for the interview. https://twitter.com/SheBuiltThis


A ‘home video’ for you… (not quite Anderson/Hilton/Kardashian style)

2 Mates
1 Need

The Kloof Drive.



Today, April 5th, marks 6 years since Malcolm Miller passed.

This man was a frikken ridiculous human being. A man with 2 wives, 7 kids, 2 step kids, 13 grandkids, 4 great grandkids and one hell of a dress sense… He was the original Miller.

With a love of box wine and food, Oupa Miller taught us how to down beers, take shots, empty a papsak, drive intoxicated, swear (a lot) and how to live with other Millers.

He was an inspiration to us and no party will ever be the same without him.

I miss you Oupa.

his reply probably would have been… “Fuck off and get me a drink”. aaaaaah…. I love you.


WHO WANTS FREE STUFF??? Really though


I am a little cray cray when it comes to some of my favorite artists. So imagine my astonishment when, earlier this week, it was confirmed that Miss Lauryn Hill was confirmed to play the Cape Town Jazz Festival at the end of the month?!

Now, imagine my bigger astonishment to find out that tickets for this fest have been completely sold out for MONTHS!

I cried!

Then my brother told me he had just seen a competition for double tickets to the festival, being run by the magazine GQ south Africa. What I had to do was tweet why I deserved the tickets.
I offered my family as gifts, I legally changed my middle name to GQ and I have had ‘doo wop that thing’ stuck in my head for well over 24 hrs straight now.

7 finalists were chosen… And now it is up to YOU to decide who gets the tickets.
So please
For the love of Lauryn Hill
Click on the link below and Vote for ME!!!… Or I’ll sell my siblings into slavery, and you wouldn’t want that on your head.

Comp closes mon 26 march at 5pm… Juuuuust saying

if you hear nothing more about this after Mon, 5pm. I lost. And we never speak of this again.