Goats sounding JUST like humans. Ridiculously Funny Video!!! hahaha

It’s that time of the week again… Your Youtube Video of  the week.

This one I saw about a week ago and I literally LOL’d. (I don’t use that lightly. haha)

This is really just a compilation of the most ridiculous sounding goats … in the world… ever. I don’t have to explain anymore…. They really do speak for themselves. 😉

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One of the best pieces of Choreography I’ve seen in a LONG time!

It’s Sunday… which means, time for your Youtube Clip of the week. We do this on my show every Sunday at 10:30pm live on 94.5KFM.

Tonight’s clip is pure talent. This couple, Keone and Mari, are incredible together. To be able to dance like this… wow. This choreography is… astounding. From a dance workshop called, Urban Dance Camp, this piece I could watch over and over again.

Thanks to my friend, Tammy, for sharing the link.

I will say no more. Just watch this… 5,6,7,8…



My YOUTUBE vid of the week :) Valentine’s Prank haha

Every Sunday on my show I do a YOUTUBE video of the week.Anything that is interesting, entertaining or just plain rad.

I realise that Valentine’s Day was just over a week ago already, but I was sent this video by a listener on twitter, @HennoFourie, and I loved it. I’m such a fan of pranks and awkward moments and this is just great… albeit super awkward. This guy proposes to his girlfriend only to have her run away… the faces of the strangers are priceless.

oh, and PLEASE do me a favour… is that WILLIAM SHATNER in the background at 2m44???

My Youtube pick of the week…

I became obsessed with ‘Only1Noah’ after I saw his cover of ‘Sexy and I know it” originally by LMFAO.

My latest obession is Rihanna’s Diamonds. Not because I think it is a phenomenal song by any means, but because of how much fun it is to sing it with an Indian accent.

Hence my choice of video of the week this week.

It’s Noah’s cover of Diamonds 🙂

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