Keri Miller’s hair by Tosca Hair, Palmyra Junction


Tosca is a Hair and Beauty salon group in Cape Town, South Africa, offering a full range of services and products related to hair and beauty.

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Keri Miller’s internet by Kawuleza Connect

Kawuleza ConnectKawuleza offers the corporate, business and home internet user a wide variety of services such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), website hosting and off-site data storage services to mention a few. The company also provides wholesale data services to retailers.

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Keri Miller’s car insurance by Associated Brokers

associated brokers

Being based in the three major city centres of South Africa – Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, Associated Broker is well equipped to cover all your insurance needs.

At Associated Broker they know you have enough on your plate already, that is why they would like to make your insurance the last thing you have to worry about. No hidden costs, no hidden clauses. Just straight talk and dedicated service.

Just people to people advice. So talk to them for solutions to your risk.

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