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I love this, 50 attributes you can be attracted to that have NOTHING to do with ‘looks’.

I came across this on today. And I really like it. We focus so much on what our ‘other half’ looks like. Now we can be real… WHY do you love your ‘one’? – ♥ Keri

50 Attributes You Can Be Attracted To In Someone (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

Flickr / katya_alagich
Flickr / katya_alagich

1. Their handwriting.

2. The way their personality can come through even in a text.

3. Their laugh.

4. When they remember things about you that you only mentioned once.

5. Their dancing, regardless of whether they’re good or bad at it.

6. Being confident without being arrogant.

7. When their laugh makes other people laugh.

8. The way they quote their favorite movies.

9. When they get worked up over something they’re passionate about.

10. Their voice.

11. When they treat their supposed “inferiors” the same way they treat their superiors.

12. An ability to admit when they’re wrong.

13. When you discover some of their secret, nerdy tendencies.

14. When they sing a song and they think no one is listening.

15. Being well-read.

16. If they can play an instrument (without being the guy that brings out his guitar at every. single. party.)

17. When they have a surprising amount of knowledge on a really random or obscure subject.

18. Their sense of humor.

19. A strong sense of curiosity.

20. When you see how they behave around their family.

21. Their unique scent.

22. Their ability to discuss a wide range of topics.

23. When they’re good with kids.

24. Their taste in music.

25. When they have the ability to be playful and goofy.

26. Their humility.

27. If they can speak a foreign language.

28. When they can tease you without being offensive.

29. Their intelligence.

30. When they’re not afraid to call you out if you’re being ridiculous or stubborn.

31. Their vulnerability.

32. When they laugh so hard that they tend to wet themselves, or have their drink come out of their nose.

33. The way they pronounce certain words.

34. When they have integrity about everything they do.

35. Silliness.

36. When they know how to take a joke.

37. Quirkiness.

38. Watching them watch their favorite tv show.

39. When they’re good at cooking. Or are at least trying to learn.

40. Their optimism.

41. Having good social skills – they know how to be friendly and hold a conversation without being obnoxious or ostentatious.

42. When they know what’s going on in the news.

43. When they can explain foreign concepts to you without being pretentious.

44. When they have an unexpected guilty pleasure (reality tv, cheesy romance novels, candy addictions, etc.)

45. An ability to speak the language of sarcasm.

46. When they know how to have fun and let loose, but also know their limits.

47. Fierce loyalty.

48. Motivation and drive.

49. If they help clean up when someone else prepares food for them.

50. When they have incredible manners.

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VERY nicely surprised by my test drive of the brand new #OpelAdam. #Jam

I got a message recently asking if I would be interested in taking the new #OpelAdam for a test drive… now I’m not a car guru but I know what I like…. and I was NOT expecting to be THIS impressed.

opel adam

This is the picture I saw when I googled ‘Opel Adam’. Obviously I was super keen to see if the drive matched the look.
WOW!!! Powerful. Quick. Smooth. Silent.

I was CONVINCED the #OpelAdam I was driving was a 1.6, 1.4 at LEAST… I was shocked to know it was a one litre turbo. So that means… it’s ridiculously low on fuel too. And from a ‘looks’ perspective, the rounded corners are soft and beautiful and the lines are sleek and sexy, making it a car that, in my opinion, is well suited to men and women. My boyfriend also had a lot of fun driving it.

The sound system was fun, loud, clear and the touch screen interface was a lot of fun to play with. It’s got all the bells and whistles without being filled with so many extras that it takes you a year to learn your car. Within the 4 days we were very comfortable in this gorgeous thing.

Not yet released in SA, I was told by the guys at Reeds CT that the Adam will be starting at about R190,000.
There are 3 different models:
the Adam which is a 1.4
the Adam Jam which is a 1.0 turbo (the one I drove)
and the Adam Glam which is also a 1.0 turbo .
They all come with the standard Opel intelli-link system. The system connects with your smartphone and all the info on your phone then runs via this system on a 7 inch screen.
The Jam and the Glam come standard with auto park assist (which is AWESOME)
with colour options: the Glam you can order with the twisted colour option, which means…. the darker colour vehicle will then come with a white roof.
AND…. for my peeps…
On the Glam there are LED lights in the roof with SEVEN DIFFERENT COLOUR SETTINGS!!! I’m finished.
these are just some of the features of the brand new Opel Adam
for more info email

IMG-20141202-WA0032 IMG-20141202-WA0008


IMG-20141202-WA0006 IMG-20141202-WA0003 IMG-20141202-WA0004 IMG-20141202-WA0023 IMG-20141202-WA0010

The best of pop 2014 rolled into ONE 2.5 minute song…. #youtube #clipoftheweek #ustheduo

One of my favourite things to do is search the interweb for kiff videos so I can share them with YOU. So on a Saturday, between 2 & 3pm I post my YouTube Clip of the week, and play the audio on Heart 104.9FM. This week is a goodie, and a nice wind down to the year that was 2014.

This YouTube video, published this past Tuesday (Dec 2, 2014), already has 1,671,614 views. (at the time of me posting this). A compilation of some of the year’s pop chart toppers, mixed into a 2.5 minute song by YouTube duo, #UsTheDuo.

The compilation includes….

“All Of Me” – John Legend
“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift
“A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay
“Am I Wrong” – Nico & Vinz
“Chandelier” – Sia
“Break Free” – Ariana Grande
“All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams
“Maps” – Maroon 5
“Rude” – Magic!
“Problem” – Ariana Grande
“Rather Be” – Clean Bandit ft. Jesse Glynne

see more of #ustheduo here.

enjoy. 🙂 and if you have any great videos you would like to share with me to share with the listeners… please email them to

White guys gets knocked the f*ck out after calling black man a k*ffir. #CapeQuarter #CapeTown

Copy of ca p2-1White guy gets a knock-out kick for calling a Black guy a Kaffir.mp4_000001666.JPG.JPG YOUTUBE This screengrab shows two men fighting at the Cape Quarter Shopping Centre in Green Point. Screengrab: YouTube

Cape Town – A YouTube video showing two men fight after a racial slur at the Cape Quarter Shopping Centre in Green Point has gone viral on social media.

In the video, two white men are standing at an ATM withdrawing cash.

They are then asked by a black man behind them in the queue to “hurry up”.

One of the men at the ATM responds by calling the man in the line the k-word.

The two start shouting at each other and a security guard attempts to intervene, but is left powerless when the fight gets physical.

At the end of the video the white man is on the floor after he was punched and kicked in the face by the black man. Police said no charges have been laid.

Centre management could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

Cape Argus

– The above article I just saw online. Now I’m not an advocate of fighting… EVER, but in THIS day and age… for real. I love how people who literally ask for it… are shocked when the ‘get’ it. Day drunk and racist will lead to a punch in the face. ALWAYS. Well his drunk face is all over the interwebs now…. well done on making a damn fool of yourself bru. And in my hood. No man 😦
Also, love this post from a witness of the incident. drunk

My YouTube Clip of the week: #MJimpersonator #8yrOldBoy

This week we remembered Michael Jackson, who passed away 5 years ago on June the 25th.
Every Saturday at 2:20pm I do my ‘YouTube clip of the week’. This week, sticking with the MJ theme, I have chosen this video.

With over 70 million views this little boy from Indonesia’s Got Talent is just too flipping good. The then 8 year old Kingsley Tahapary is a true little talent. Enjoy. If you have any videos you would like to share with me, please email them to

Indonesia’s Got Talent (IGT) is an Indonesian television talent show competition which started in 2010. Anyone of any age with some sort of talent can audition for the show. Acts compete against each other in order to gain the audience support while trying to win the title of “The winner of Indonesia’s Got Talent”.


My Youtube Clip of the Week #paperplanehitsfootballer

Every Saturday I post my YouTube clip of the week. This week’s clip was shown to me by my #Drive326 ‘bestie’ Nick Feinberg 🙂

This really is fan-flippin-tastic. An English supporter at an England-Peru football game throws his homemade paper plane from the toooooooooop of the stands. Watch as this paper plane makes its way not only all the way to the field, but straight into the face of one of the Peruvian player. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!

You just can’t script this shiz 🙂

Moves to practice

Here are some moves to try at home, at the park or to share with your children.
Don’t worry about trying to get through the work in the fastest time or getting the hardest workout

So this is the ad that was banned. #DA #SABC #BannedAd

So this is the advert that was banned on our media? Interesting. Do you think the ban was called for? I would love to know your thoughts. K

From the sabc website:

“The SABC maintains it acted responsibly by taking a Democratic Alliance (DA) election campaign advertisement off the air.

The hearing on the DA’s complaint against the SABC was heard at the offices of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, on Tuesday.

The matter was brought to Icasa on an urgent basis, following talks between the parties.

The DA laid a complaint with Icasa on Saturday after the SABC failed to broadcast its election advertisements on TV and radio.

The broadcaster cited various grounds, among them that the TV advert incited violence.

The advertisement in disputed shows the DA Gauteng Premier candidate, Mmusi Maimane, saying the ruling party is corrupt. The advert also makes reference to the Nkandla saga ( this saga refers to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s report on upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s residence in Nkandla) and police brutality.

The SABC stated that the TV advert incited violence and that it gave false allegations about members of other political parties, among other reasons, but the DA argued that the SABC’s rejection of the party’s advert was an infringement on the freedom of expression.

The public broadcaster insists it had acted responsibly.”

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