Who is Keri Miller? and WHERE IS SHE?????


I am Keri Miller. Born in Durban. But I am really ‘growing up’ in Cape Town.
An on air presenter for more than 10 years, I recently quit my job on air to… well, get the ‘real’ Keri Miller ‘to please stand up’.
So even though I am not currently on air… I am still in Cape Town. I am teaching yoga and writing and will let you know if and when I will be back on air.

To you, my listeners, you are a damn inspiration, and it is because of you I was brave enough to stop doing the ONLY thing I have done since my 20s. Why did I leave my job? I am writing THAT blog at the moment… so stay tuned to www.kerimiller.co

For now though… I am writing on my new blog which I would LOVE you to read. Click HERE to check it out.

Big love to you all. Now…. you go and have a GREAT day. β™₯

MADE IN THE 031 β™₯

12 comments on “Who is Keri Miller? and WHERE IS SHE?????

  1. i love ur spirit gal sometyms it feels lyk i knw u personaly, to me i c u as this person who have a life and u r living it to the fullest, i wanna be like u.

  2. Hey Keri,
    You asked me which medical aid is best but it’s really difficult to answer without knowing what you need. Fedhealth, discovery and Medihelp are great options to look at. There are some things to understand about them though. Let me know of you want some assistance as it’s what I do!

  3. Hey keri its claudine we met lastnight remember l work @haas plse cal on :0713920087 i lose ur numba lastnight good luck 4today to keri

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