VERY nicely surprised by my test drive of the brand new #OpelAdam. #Jam

I got a message recently asking if I would be interested in taking the new #OpelAdam for a test drive… now I’m not a car guru but I know what I like…. and I was NOT expecting to be THIS impressed.

opel adam

This is the picture I saw when I googled ‘Opel Adam’. Obviously I was super keen to see if the drive matched the look.
WOW!!! Powerful. Quick. Smooth. Silent.

I was CONVINCED the #OpelAdam I was driving was a 1.6, 1.4 at LEAST… I was shocked to know it was a one litre turbo. So that means… it’s ridiculously low on fuel too. And from a ‘looks’ perspective, the rounded corners are soft and beautiful and the lines are sleek and sexy, making it a car that, in my opinion, is well suited to men and women. My boyfriend also had a lot of fun driving it.

The sound system was fun, loud, clear and the touch screen interface was a lot of fun to play with. It’s got all the bells and whistles without being filled with so many extras that it takes you a year to learn your car. Within the 4 days we were very comfortable in this gorgeous thing.

Not yet released in SA, I was told by the guys at Reeds CT that the Adam will be starting at about R190,000.
There are 3 different models:
the Adam which is a 1.4
the Adam Jam which is a 1.0 turbo (the one I drove)
and the Adam Glam which is also a 1.0 turbo .
They all come with the standard Opel intelli-link system. The system connects with your smartphone and all the info on your phone then runs via this system on a 7 inch screen.
The Jam and the Glam come standard with auto park assist (which is AWESOME)
with colour options: the Glam you can order with the twisted colour option, which means…. the darker colour vehicle will then come with a white roof.
AND…. for my peeps…
On the Glam there are LED lights in the roof with SEVEN DIFFERENT COLOUR SETTINGS!!! I’m finished.
these are just some of the features of the brand new Opel Adam
for more info email

IMG-20141202-WA0032 IMG-20141202-WA0008


IMG-20141202-WA0006 IMG-20141202-WA0003 IMG-20141202-WA0004 IMG-20141202-WA0023 IMG-20141202-WA0010


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