White guys gets knocked the f*ck out after calling black man a k*ffir. #CapeQuarter #CapeTown

Copy of ca p2-1White guy gets a knock-out kick for calling a Black guy a Kaffir.mp4_000001666.JPG.JPG YOUTUBE This screengrab shows two men fighting at the Cape Quarter Shopping Centre in Green Point. Screengrab: YouTube

Cape Town – A YouTube video showing two men fight after a racial slur at the Cape Quarter Shopping Centre in Green Point has gone viral on social media.

In the video, two white men are standing at an ATM withdrawing cash.

They are then asked by a black man behind them in the queue to “hurry up”.

One of the men at the ATM responds by calling the man in the line the k-word.

The two start shouting at each other and a security guard attempts to intervene, but is left powerless when the fight gets physical.

At the end of the video the white man is on the floor after he was punched and kicked in the face by the black man. Police said no charges have been laid.

Centre management could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

Cape Argus

– The above article I just saw online. Now I’m not an advocate of fighting… EVER, but in THIS day and age… for real. I love how people who literally ask for it… are shocked when the ‘get’ it. Day drunk and racist will lead to a punch in the face. ALWAYS. Well his drunk face is all over the interwebs now…. well done on making a damn fool of yourself bru. And in my hood. No man 😦
Also, love this post from a witness of the incident. drunk


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