My YouTube Clip of the week – Blackstreet No Diggity VINTAGE ‘jessica rabbit’ style cover. ♥

No Diggity – Vintage Jessica Rabbit- Style Blackstreet Cover ft. Ariana Savalas

Hello again 🙂

Every Saturday just a little after 2pm I post my ‘YouTube Clip of the week’, and today’s is a goodie. Blackstreet released their hit ‘No Diggity’ in 1996 and recently it was being sung and hummed all across the world after an acappella version was done on the movie “PITCH PERFECT’. I have never stopped loving this song and I seem to be a fan of most of the remakes and remixes. This one, done by Ariana Savalas in a vintage style (and with over 1,3million views) is a little different, and I would LOVE to know what YOU think of it.

If you know of any great covers or amazing remixes/remakes please email them to me on

Enjoy xxx ♥




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