My Youtube Clip of the week 2 #CharlieAndLeondre

It’s Saturday. Which means it’s time for my ‘youtube clip of the week’. This week is a pretty new video, uploaded this month from the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ channel.
These 2 boys had the judges standing… and the audience in tears.

Charlie,15, and 13-year-old Leondre – AKA Bars & Melody – stopped Simon in his tracks when they performed an adapted version of Hope by Twista ft. Faith Evans.

The teenagers from Wales added in their own original lyrics about their past experiences of bullying and there was tears all round.


Following a standing ovation from the judges and the audience, Simon slapped the magic buzzer. (sending the boys straight into the live semi final)

‘I’ve heard some monstrous songs today and I was literally losing the will to live,’ said Simon.

‘You know what, I listened to every word. Did this stuff happen in your life? I think that record could be a hit. I really, really like you two,’ he continued.

‘For two young kids like you to come out and sing about something that really affects you and do it in a style that’s completely yours is a really rare thing. That’s why you got that Golden Buzzer today,’ added David.


If you have any great youtube clips that you would like me to share with the listeners, please send them to

Here’s the video of these incredible kids. Enjoy ♥


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