The Most Beautiful #Madiba #Flashmob #Tribute!

Wow! Flashmobs may be very 2008 but this is just too beautiful.

Our Hero

The President of A Nation

“Johannesburg – It was just a normal Saturday morning in a Woolworths store in Parkview.

South Africans were still recovering from the sad news of Nelson Mandela’s passing on 5 December.

Then a little magic happened in the aisles of the popular food and clothing store that touched everyone’s heart.A flash mob by the Soweto Gospel Choir paid tribute to South Africa’s hero.

The results were touching and truly inspiring.” – news24

Zapiro’s Perfect Impression of what is happening in our Country. RIP Madiba

It brought tears to my eyes.
Rest In Peace Tata Madiba


12 comments on “The Most Beautiful #Madiba #Flashmob #Tribute!

  1. Wow!!! Watching this while sitting at my desk at work…. Took my breath away… tears streaming down my face!!

  2. Very moving singing – but i would like to understand the words in English if someone would please translate.

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