HIPSTER ALERT: Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: THE THREE VERTICALLY CHALLENGED PIGS #audiobook #hysterical

Oh my word this is one of the funniest takes on a bedtime story I have heard in effing ages! From a book by James Finn Garner, entitled: POLITICALLY CORRECT: The Ultimate Story Book. This was made for my hipster friends far and wide. I think I’m going to play this through one of those pre election cars with a speaker attached, and drive through Cape Town, esp Woodstock then Kloof and Long St. Haha.


If you don’t believe me, and would rather save your data then take a chance on whether it is worth downloading a 3min story… Here is an excerpt.. πŸ‘

“Once there were three, vertically challenged, pigs, who lived together in mutual respect and in harmony with their environment. Using materials that were indigenous to the area, they each built a beautiful house.”

Is that not the best version of this story EVER?! πŸ˜„

Two words.
You’re Welcome.


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