Nickelback is coming to SA. I think they are SHIT. If you too cower from their music, click here.

Last night my sister excitedly told me that she had booked her tickets for Nickelback. Please prepare yourself, I would like to have a rant.

My Soul Hurts

My Soul Hurts

Now, I must be honest with you, I have seen Nickelback once. A long long time ago. I was young, so young. I was asked if I wanted to go to a concert in Missouri.  I didn’t know it was going to be Nickelback I swear.

Now that that is out of the way…. let’s get to the real stuff here. WHY NICKELBACK? They are so shit (disclaimer: yes this is my opinion, if you are a NB fan, please stop reading this). And are they still even making music?

Nickelback is as annoying as Avril Lavigne and pictures of your food/ cat or 3D scan on instagram.
The amazing thing is that all 3 of these things are now coming together… like some miraculous collision of the twats.
Nickelback is annoying.
Chad Kroeger is the lead singer of Nickelback which makes him the leader of the annoyance crew.
Another entertaiNOT filled with joy is the ever grimacing Avril Lavigne, who is now MARRIED to Chad Kroeger.
(I don’t know why I harbour so much emotion when it comes to certain ‘celebs’, I think their faces trigger me.)
And then…. they put pictures on instagram. And because I can’t afford an iphone, I make myself feel better by hating all things ‘apple’ and that means instagram specifically. (I even opened an instagram account incase one day…. one day. #kerimillersa)

Within seconds of searching all 3 of these things: I have found an instagram Nickelback parody to the tune of ‘photograph’. It was like the Gods wanted me to find it.
And some pics of ol’ Kroegs that have made me feel a lot better about the fact that we are allowing him into the country.

Just by the way… Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavinge are Canadian. Justin Bieber is ALSO Canadian. Need  I say more?! I didn’t think so.

And before you go… if you feel the need to take a stand. You can actually sign a real petition… to stop Nickelback coming to south africa 🙂

Now to the fun stuff 🙂

What Canadians Look Like

The Merger of Chad and Avril

The Truth

The Truth

Avril Dated a Hottie... And Then?

Avril Dated a Hottie.. and then?

Shame, poor music :(

Shame, poor music 😦


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