Good Lord! Would YOU read this version of the bible to YOUR child????

Let me start by saying I am not a Christian.  I am not an ‘anything’. I consider myself ‘spiritual’.
I think all religions have the same message. Be a kiff person. And don’t be shit to others. End of story.
Good vibes = Good times.

So I was amused when my best friend’s daughter was given her first bible by her Grandpa for her 3rd birthday.
Aptly titled, ‘MY FIRST BIBLE’, I found it on the shelf and was discussing it with my equally religious-less yet spiritual friend.

When you’re a mom there are so many fundamentals you need to teach your child. Whether it’s eating habits, language, hygiene, morals or religion – these things shape your little one into the adult they will one day become. Especially religion.
My friend and I, as adults, have decided that we don’t want to live a ‘religious’ life, but a spiritual one. Meaning we don’t feel the need to punt one religion’s God and put everyone else’s down.

But is it fair to take away the choice from a little one? Do you teach them a little of all the religions, or start them straight up on a ‘spiritual path’?
Maybe it is right to read this kiddie bible as a bedtime story? Let her know the characters, the lessons. Perhaps it is only fair to give this child an open mind to make her own choices when she is of age.


This is NOT ok

MY FIRST BIBLE. absolutely traumatic!


Maybe you would? But I sure as hell wouldn’t. And if THIS is how some kids learn the Bible. Then God help our children. And I mean that. Plus, in this book, Jesus has a chubby tummy… COME ONE , that’s the one thing WE all agree with, he rocked some lean ass abs.

So to you, whoever you are, wherever you are, whoever or whatever you pray to. I hope you have a wonderful day. Just be a good person. That’s all any God really wants 🙂 (oh and probably for us NOT to scare the shit out of our kids with the kind of book seen above)

I believe in 'us' Religious-Symbols-II1



3 comments on “Good Lord! Would YOU read this version of the bible to YOUR child????

  1. Yes would Keri, one has to read the context within which it is written to fully understand it.There is a lot of hhistory before the event that you need to appreciate beforehand. Whilei I understand that you are a spiritual person, I am a bit disappointed that you haven’t investigated the facts before posting. It’s not a blackmail issue but a true fact and neither is it scaring children. The question I would pose to you is, do you believe the bible. I am not a bible basher but live my life in a Christ like way. I challenge you to answer my question over a cup if coffee on Tuesday. I live in Lakeside and will travel anywhere fir a good cup. And you owe me anyway. Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. Dear ones.Hope everyone is doing just fine.I just bumped into this discussion, and I would like to add some thoughts.Today we live an era of :”The intolerance of Tolerance”.The Bible is the story of those people who believed in the God presented in the Bible and it is taught and shared by people who believe these stories.It is shared by parentes who believe this story that Jesus is God, that He came to the world and He was killed.Religiously this has a meaning, as part of a whole plan,spiritually speaking from a Christian point of view.
    Today, politically correct,means,making the stories sound nicer to our children.They cannot ,should not listen or be talked “nasty” things.Thing is:we live in a nasty world and bad things do happen here.
    And yes,I absolutely not only would read this story to my child, as I did and still do.I am so happy to believe, because I have hope that one day Jesus will rescue all those who believe to live in a world with no more death , tears and suffering.That´s his promise.I believe,but I understand you don´t believe it.And so, you cannot agree with what you don´t believe, and that´s ok,because the same Bible you don´t believe says that there are a bunch of people like you.And God accepts it, because he doesn´t need anybody,anybody at all,believers or non believers.He´s God anyway.Whether you believe him,or not.Whether you believe the stories in the Bible or not.Whether you think they should be politically correct or not.Whether you are concerned about Jesus´s image in the book being not the stereotypical image to which you are used to or about his teachings.I believe, and so,I confirm my answer:YES,I SURELY WOULD READ THIS STORY TO MY CHILDREN.See ya.

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