It is Spring! Are you ready to bare all on the beach? Not yet? READ THIS :) x Miller

Winter is aaaalmost over, and if you are like the majority of us, this means a frenzy of pseudo fitness plans and promises that are supposedly going to get you into the ‘perfect’ body by SUMMER! Am I right? Am I right? 🙂

So I thought I would share my secret with you.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Meet the answer to your flabby prayers.

Mr Richard-Dean Sumares.

Richard-Dean Sumares

He Will Change Your Life

I have decided to share him, because you deserve it! And because he changed my life. And summer is flipping coming.

Rich is a specialist when it comes to movement and training your body.
With a movement based approach to fitness, his goal is to get you to move the way your body was designed, move the way you are ‘supposed to’.
Move correctly and you WILL improve your quality of life.
Rich focuses on functional training, not isolated movements like you would presume the boytjies at the gym would do 🙂


Sessions are made up of:

Static stretching warm up, not very different from positions you might find yourself in in a beginners yoga class.
Abdominals (tummy)
And functionality (everyday movements)

All of these movements result in huge amounts of toning and the building of lean muscle.
Whether you want to get fit, tone up, lose weight or gain muscle, this is the ideal thing for you.

Richard is based on the 19 Floor of the Westin Grand, inside the Arabella Spa.
The gym offers panoramic views of Cape Town, lots of privacy and Richard’s clients have the use of the magnificent Arabella Spa (steam room, sauna, pool and jacuzzi).
The venue also offers fully kitted change rooms with heated floors, showers and towels as requested.

There is NO membership fee and the underground parking for Richard’s clients is free.

What Is The Cost?
A one on one session with Richard is R250/hour
And if you train with your friend or partner is it R350/hr (R175p.p.)

To make a booking or to go and see the facility
and follow Rich on twitter: @richsumares


Me Doing Core

Me Doing Some Tummy At The Gym With A View


2 comments on “It is Spring! Are you ready to bare all on the beach? Not yet? READ THIS :) x Miller

  1. Reblogged this on What's The Why and commented:
    Haha. How cool is this? I got a little bump up on the popular scale thanks to Miss Flipshizzle herself, Keri Miller.
    Thank you so much K-dog. You are the best. Sooooooooo much love for you!
    Hit me up if you want to learn how to change your lifestyle. Live free through movement.

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