My black-eye update

Yesterday I woke up with, what looks like, half a black eye.

I have ruled out the following:

1 drunken mishap (only because I unfortunately spent the weekend sober…ish)
2 fight ( pretty sure I would remember being punched)
3 a stye, I have no infection or stye like swelling, unless it is a kak mild stye?!
4 burst blood vessel from laughing sneezing coughing or puking. (Coz it hasn’t affected my eye)
5 spider bite with eggs laid (pretty sure that suggestion was my colleague being a dick)
6 insect bit, no itchiness
7 obstruction. Surely I would feel if I had a piece of Sea Point stuck in my eye
And finally
8 a penis injury. Thanks to all you guys who suggested it was due to a over zealous ‘blap ‘. No such luck guys.

I miiiiiight be a make up thing? But I didn’t use anything new, and whatever I have used, I have used on both eyes.
Then there is the school of thought that says it is stress?
For flip sakes it could be related to the act that I’m 31 and only getting my wisdom teeth now….
Or maybe my cells had a fight with each other.

I don’t know

Any other suggestions are welcome
Here is my 1 day progress 🙂



3 comments on “My black-eye update

  1. Yep, that definitely look like a spider has laid its eggs under your skin. You better wait for the eggs to hatch and the little ones eat their way to FREEDOM!! Plus you can name them as they crawl over your eye.

    • hahaha. I’m happy to report the eggs did very well. all the baby spiders and their host are doing well. flowers can be sent to the heart fm studio haha

  2. I hope the term ‘Flipshizzle” doesn’t have a trademark or is registered anywhere cos I am using it like a mofo

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