Paraplegic Mom, 50, learns to surf by being taped to her son’s friend. Incredible video. GO MOM!



I think a little inspiration was needed this morning, and I found mine in this.
I came across this story on and it just made me so happy.

The courage of this mom.
The kindness of her son and his friends.
The happiness I felt seeing her succeed.

Great start to the day.

Pascale Honore’s mobility was mostly confined to a wheelchair after a car accident left her unable to use her legs.

But the 50-year-old mother from Australia has found a unique way of catching waves — by duct-taping herself to her son’s friend, surfer Tyron Swan.

“Both my sons surf, so I always have gone along to watch and I’ve always loved the water,” she said in a video posted to Vimeo. “I was always talking about how good it would be to go surfing and one day, a friend of my son said ‘You know what? I think we could tape you onto my back and take you out there.’”

Is really is wonderful, click here to watch the video




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