The last ‘Sweet Brown’ thing I’ll share promise, too funny!

You must remember Sweet Brown…

“A lady who escaped an apartment fire in Oklahoma City. When interviewed by Channel 4 news, she recalls what happened, “Well, I woke up to go get me a cold pop, then I thought somebody was barbecuing. I said ‘Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire’. Then I ran out, I didn’t grab any shoes or nothing, Jesus. I ran for my life, and then the smoke got me; I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody got time for that?””

She has been remixed and made into many a meme… but THIS.. has to be my favourite!
Thanks to my bro for sharing this with me.

A genuine LOL was had 🙂

*for the original news broadcast interviewing Sweet Brown click here*


Sweet Brown Cinderella


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