No means NO! Real Men DON’T RAPE!!

My sister’s case has just been set for July 1-3 2013. I hope he goes to prison for what did to her, and to his very own niece. This is happening too often. We need to love our women, girls and boys. What is wrong with us???

no means no


From The Dark Candy Apple Red

Have you ever raped someone?

Seriously. Have you?

Held the person down against their will? Hurt them? Beat them? Fucked them? Ignored their protestations? Ignored their pleas? Left them crying? Bleeding? Screaming? Mutilated them?

If you did, who’d you rape? Was it a woman? A man? A child? A baby? An elderly person?

Was it someone you knew? A neighbour? A friend? A lover? An ex-lover? A relative? Was it a complete stranger?

Were you alone or was it a good ol’ gang bang?

And why’d you do it?

Was it for kicks?

For the sex? The uncontrollable lust?

Was it the whole power thing? Felt the need to assert yourself?

Was she teasing you, but not putting out? That fuckin’ bitch, how dare she, right? Dressing up like that, wiggling her ass around.

Was it history? Fuck that person and you fuck the whole injustice thing? The whole race…

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