Oscar appears in court again today, and THIS is what Citymob is offering! TIMING people.

I, like many of you I’m sure, am signed up to these many online groupon-esque sites.
And today, like every day since Valentine’s Day, I woke up to a twitter/ news feed filled with stories of Oscar Pistorius, his trial, the murder of Reeva Steenkamp and The Blade Runner’s fascination with guns. As well as many, many emails advertising % off specials for food, massages, holidays and today… This.

Now as South Africans, we don’t have a huge contingency of men and women who we can truly call heroes. I firmly believe that we have NO celebrities, and we can’t claim Charlize Theron for ever – she is an American citizen now.

So here comes Oscar. He is our very own hero. Our blood diamond in the rough. The reason for a nation to stand behind a man who made it ok to be different. A generation of kids growing up in a world where having no legs isn’t a disability in the ‘old’ sense of the word.

But, like Hansie, he has let us down. And we are NOT taking it well.
Which is why I bring this mail I received this morning to your attention.
WHO advertises a GUN MUG today? A ‘license to pimp up your coffee’ they say. Look, it is just a mug, it is not going to kill anything but a caffeine craving but still…

Too soon?



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