‘Langarm Style’ This week’s favourite YouTube clips via the listeners.

Every week I ask the listeners on my show to send me their favourite YouTube clips of the week. Some are much older than this week, but I thought you deserved to see these.

… enjoy.
remember, if you happen across a great video, just mail me the link kerim@kfm.co.za and I can share it with the listeners. πŸ™‚

Here is the ‘not so new’ but ever entertaining Sweet Brown remix video sent in by an anonymous listener. She shot to fame after her very animated interview on an American news channel went viral. You can’t script this shit.

and this one… published in october last year, so it’s not a spring chicken either, but I did enjoy it. I am SO over gangnam style, in fact I don’t know if I was EVER into it, but I do enjoy this parody. It’s like it was meant to be in Afrikaans all along πŸ™‚ – sent in by ‘Mike’ on the sms line.

here it is… Langarm Style


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