video of the St. Francis Bay Fire

At about 4:30pm today a fire went wild in St. Francis bay, “‘The fire apparently started at Royal Wharf late afternoon where some people were having a braai, a fireman told the St Francis Chronicle. “

Apparently as of 9pm this evening, 60 houses were already destroyed. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to lose your home to a fire. I remember when I was younger, whevever we saw a fire truck going in the direction of our house, my mom would freak out. I clearly remember her telling me what she would take… it always included kids, animals and family photos (in no particular order). I know that when these fires have all been put out, these homeless residents will be told things like, ‘at least you weren’t hurt’, or ‘it’s only material things’. Only material things. just imagine, everything you’ve worked towards. yes, only material things. But imagine starting from scratch. wow. These residents will be rebuilding their lives long after the novelty of this story has worn off for us. It’s so sad.

They are still looking for volunteers, if you can help please call Marc on 082 9567981 or, if you are able to assist with accommodation, blankets, water, pet care, food, refreshments in the St Francis Bay area: call 042 200 1800

click here for St. Francis Bay fire pics!prettyPhoto


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