Wanna see my Brazilian???

Haha if you’re a guy and you clicked on this hoping to see a brrrrr-koo-koo-koo, sorry for you. This is however about hair. 🙂

A while back I heard about the Brazilian blow dry, and wasn’t temped at all because, a: I have a great flat iron, and b: I don’t want my hair to be chemically treated to the point of no return and straighter than a… a very straight thing.

Recently however, I decided to see what all the frikken fuss was about, and prove these betties wrong. Them and their APPARENTLY frizz free hair.

I went online and found a place called TOSCA hair, skin and nails. I made the appointment for the Brazilian making very sure they knew which hair I needed treated!

I arrived, and as cynical as a person could be, sat down for this ‘miracle’ hair treatment.
First… My hair was washed and the Brazilian treatment was put on it.
Then my hair was blow dried and flat ironed. The smell during this process was a little hectic, and my eyes burnt a little but so far… It’s been a good experience.
Once the brazilian had been flat ironed into my hair, my hair was washed again.
I then sat back in the chair and almost fell over when i saw what happened next…

Please understand, that if I leave my hair to dry naturally, or even just blow dry without flat ironing, I looking like I’m auditioning for The Lion King. Seriously, this shiz is frizz.

There I sat, less than an hour after I walked in the doors of the salon,my hairdresser Cindy was blow drying my hair, and I swear to goodness…. It looked like it was flat ironing its-damn-self. 4 minutes and it was perfect.

It has been a week now, and my hair is still frikken awesome. I understand now what all the fuss was about. It’s supposed to last 3 months, we’ll see about that.
But for now, I’m SOLD!!!

The pics below are of my hair without being flat ironed. Not even brushed. Just a rough blow dry. I swear to you!!! Oh and, it doesn’t straighten your hair,MIT just takes out the frizz. So if you have curly hair, your curls will just be… Well, fantastic.




Check out tosca hair here: www.toscahair.co.za


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