This Makes Me Feel So Sorry For Africa… :(

When it comes to politics. I’m pretty clueless. I don’t know what’s going on in the world most of the time, and I manage to keep sane by not dwelling on all the shit that is happening around me. But for some reason, this cartoon really hit a soft spot. It just made me feel so very sorry for our continent. Who are we working for?

emo moment over.

as you were…



3 comments on “This Makes Me Feel So Sorry For Africa… :(

  1. This cartoon is eerily much like the 80s fly-on-the-nose cliche that we so unwittingly got used… It seriously requires much more nuance… I can see how it could speak to the proverbial chip-on-the-shoulder we remain subjected to ALL the time. I can hardly keep a straight face anymore LOL

  2. The poster is quite accurate.
    The natural resources in Africa are repeatedly ripped off by the “West” (developed countries)

    Multinational energy companies from the states and Europe (Exxon Mobile and Shell )
    have a long history of funding dictatorships throughout Africa just so they can get their hands on the very lucrative “mineral rights”

    Here is a recent example ( 20 min video btw )

    Most of the time poor african countries sign these deals so they can pay off debt to the IMF (an arm of the world banking cartel.)

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