WHO WANTS FREE STUFF??? Really though


I am a little cray cray when it comes to some of my favorite artists. So imagine my astonishment when, earlier this week, it was confirmed that Miss Lauryn Hill was confirmed to play the Cape Town Jazz Festival at the end of the month?!

Now, imagine my bigger astonishment to find out that tickets for this fest have been completely sold out for MONTHS!

I cried!

Then my brother told me he had just seen a competition for double tickets to the festival, being run by the magazine GQ south Africa. What I had to do was tweet why I deserved the tickets.
I offered my family as gifts, I legally changed my middle name to GQ and I have had ‘doo wop that thing’ stuck in my head for well over 24 hrs straight now.

7 finalists were chosen… And now it is up to YOU to decide who gets the tickets.
So please
For the love of Lauryn Hill
Click on the link below and Vote for ME!!!… Or I’ll sell my siblings into slavery, and you wouldn’t want that on your head.

Comp closes mon 26 march at 5pm… Juuuuust saying

if you hear nothing more about this after Mon, 5pm. I lost. And we never speak of this again.



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