And I’m back… Almost


Wow it’s been a hell of a long time since a blogged last, and a LOT has happened between then and now…

So a quick catch up… Enjoy

Since I last wrote to you,

– my fiancé and I broke up
– I drank a bottle of coffee tequila to myself on new Year’s eve
– I started 2012 with the worst stomach bug of my life
– I read Allan Carr’s EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING…
– I actually did stop smoking : almost 3 months already.
– I went to Durban for 4 days
– I had a complete break down in Durban and landed up staying for 2 and a half weeks
– I pulled my shit together and came home
– I moved out of the house ‘we’ bought together
– I moved into a flat.. with my personal trainer
– We put our house on the market
– I am determined to make the last weeks of being in my 20s KIFF!

So…. That’s what’s been going on with me.
How’s your 2012 been so far?



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