Thin By 30 (part 3)

what is #ThinBy30 you ask?
click here to read my first two posts, if you will…

but a quick catch up for the ‘non-readers’.

On Easter Sunday next year, 8 April 2012. I turn the big 3.0.
I, like many of you, have spend most my life bitching about my weight and saying, “I’ve tried absolutely everything, nothing works.” But eventually you have to be honest with yourself. Unless you have some ridiculous thyroid problems, there is no way NOTHING WORKS. I was just plain lazy. Choosing ‘wine’ over ‘water’, and ‘working’ over ‘working out’. This started as a very simple, shallow goal. I WANT TO BE THIN… BY 30.
what is has turned into however, is a complete change in my life. with a passion for something I once claimed I hated, and a whole lot of new friends…

This is Thin By 30… (part 3)

It’s been 12 weeks already since this, what do you call it, life experiment (?) began.
The results have been so much more than centimeters around my stomach. That one hour session at gym has become food for my soul.
OfCOURSE there are days, many MANY days, where I would really rather NOT go and swing flipping kettlebells. But I would also rather not have to pay petrol each month either, there are just some things you HAVE to do.

After 8 weeks of alternating between kettlebell training and boxing, I had lost a total of 10.89% body fat. The 4 weeks since then have been really hard. Especially at this time of the year, Christmas parties, functions, parents visiting. It’s dinner here, a drink there, cocktails, snacks, desert, coffee tequila… so much coffee tequila.

Getting up and going to gym with a hangover is something they should include in ‘Fear Factor’. It really sux. and then you feel shit guilty because you ate chips… or had too much wine. But, I popped some disprin, brushed my teeth, had a little puke and went to the flipping gym.

Now, 12 weeks later, exactly, to the day I started #ThinBy30. I have my 3rd set of results.
As usual today started off the same as most of my days in the past 4 weeks, hungover, with dry mouth and a mild headache.
My alarm went off this morning while I was mid-dream. The usual dream post red wine… a swimming pool filled with Fanta Orange and me on a lilo with a straw. (just me?)

I got butterflies instantly as soon as I remembered that A: today was assessment day. and B: I have eaten like it was a ‘challenge’ for the last month. Flipshizzle! How do I get out of this…

I couldn’t come up with a good excuse fast enough.

9am – I arrive at One 80 Training. I’m so nervous. I need to wee (hopefully this will take off at least 500g on the scale).

Off to the little room we go. Shoes off. Stand on scale. Don’t look. Out comes the measuring tape. (I’m looking at Chris, wondering how I came to have this ridiculous fit man playing with my fat once a month.)
He measures my arms. My thighs. My stomach. I try to suck it in, but he’s too clever for that. It doesn’t work. This shall be an accurate reading. Flip.
Measuring tape away. Calipers out. Sweet, my fave part. NOT. He pinches the fat on my arm, stomach, side stomach with a huge name and thigh. I keep picturing force feeding him carbs.

Ok, you’re bored of reading. Let’s get to the good part.
My thigh fat has LITERALLY halved since 12 weeks ago.
My stomach is 10 effing cms smaller! TEN.
My arms are 2 months away from Britney Spears in her peak.
And bodyfat?
When I started I was sitting with a body fat of 35.87% (don’t judge me). I’m now at 21.75%. My goal is to get to 14%. (haha that’s a whole lot more blogging for me.)

And I’m not kidding when I tell you I have NOT changed my eating/drinking AT ALL. I’m by no means a walking advert for ‘HOW TO TRAIN’. But still, look at these results. I’m so flipping proud. And I can’t thank Chris and his trainers enough for dealing with me. I swear and throw tantrums a lot at gym. Like, a lot!

Oh, and after our assessment to Congratulate us, Chris made us do an hour of boxing. What a flipping biscuit.

Putting our 'fight faces' on. Chris is in the middle. The man 🙂

whoohooo I won! (this pic was staged)

Road To Elite.

Follow my fellow gym bunny and boxing partner Stacey Norman on twitter @StaceyNorman17
Follow the world’s great trainer Chris Seymour @SeymourOne80

check out one80 training for more info on kettlebell training and finding your Road To Elite!


One comment on “Thin By 30 (part 3)

  1. I hope u took a ‘ before ‘ photo that u can post next to an ‘ after ‘ photo after all ur hard work pays off.

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