People, specifically women, who drive really close to the steering wheel freak me out!

I swear they all look like this

We know what people (men) say about women drivers, and as a woman, who drives, I’ve spent many days and laps around the block convincing the men around me that I am, a phenomenal driver. True story.

But I have come to realise something quite interesting… astonishing if you will.

There is a direct parallel between the quality of driver and the distance between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel.

If I get into your driver’s seat, for example, and have to move the seat back a meter, I’m going to, and probably correctly, presume that you are a terrible driver.

I am more than willing to be proved wrong, but hear me out…

When your hands are concretely placed at ’10 and 2′ and your seat is so close to the steering wheel that your boobage is touching the steering wheel, there is this weird tension that develops in your shoulders. It’s uncomfortable to look at, and I’m pretty sure even more uncomfortable to drive like that.

This tension very quickly develops into the inability to check blind spots, parallel park or find the smallest trace of clutch control. It’s this tension that makes said driver feel it is only safe to leave a stop street if there is a kilometer space between cars, yet the same driver will experience the need to ‘gap it’ on a freeway and squeeze between two NOS enhanced cars, only to slow down to 60km/hr, in the fastlane.

It’s frustrating to drive behind you.
Annoying to drive next to you.
And effing frightening to be in the car with you.

So, to you ’10 and 2′ women reading this, on your blackberry while driving, inserting a new destination onto you GPS, changing CDs and putting on lipstick, simultaneously. I say this to you…

I have an oven, and a kitchen… but I am not about to call myself a chef.
Yes, you have a car, and flip knows how, but a license… please, you’re not a driver. And for the love of the N1 to Cape Town, please try out the public transport, or, at least move your seat back. It’s amazing how the perspective of the road changes when you aren’t sitting ON your dashboard.

And if you think this doesn’t pertain to you, because no one has ever complained about YOUR driving… THIS is what MY male friend has just said:

“she’s a terrible driver but I don’t say anything. I want to ride her, just not WITH her.”

don’t become a statistic.
move your seat back.

this message was brought to you by Keri Miller “because Kez really cares about you!”


2 comments on “People, specifically women, who drive really close to the steering wheel freak me out!

  1. Haha! Absolutely brilliant 😉 Thanks Keri, hopefully the ’10 and ‘2 drivers will take your advice. It sure will make life easier on the roads.

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