Thin By 30 (part II)

If you haven’t seen my first post about this whole ‘thin by 30’ thing… here it is.

Since my last post, I have had: my second assessment; done about *1000 push ups; *5000 squats; more crunches than Britney Spears in her peak, and spent more time with kettlebells than I have with my own family. (*numbers just made up, I’m trying to impress you.)

(these are kettlebells in case you had NO idea what I was talking about, feel free to refer to them as ‘kettlebitches’, I do.)

Before I get to how my last assessment went, let me tell you this much. The novelty of gymming everyday wears off very quickly. I’m just being honest with you. Especially with how busy things get at this time of year, it just seems that there are SO many things that are more important than a gym session. I say this to you… just flipping do it.

Let’s me take you, briefly though the past few weeks…

Week 5 was a breeze for me, I was all ‘amped’ to train because I had just been told I’d lost just under 8% body fat in only 4 weeks. I was ready to kettlebell myself into a coma.

Week 6 was a little harder for me

Week 7 was average, I felt like I was reverting to my ‘fat girl’ mentality, the voice inside that says: “ why are you doing this? You’re fine as you are? Do you really EVER need to show your arms? Legs? Or wear a bikini in summer?” I shut that bitch down, and kept going, really only because I realise that week 8 is assessment week. And now I’m nervous. Shizzle. I should have worked harder.

Week 8 arrives… assessment week. I’m so sure I haven’t worked hard enough. Ok cool, this week, I will simply eat no food. That’s it. Haha. I will work so hard, there’s no way Chris will know that I’ve been eating like a contestant who just won a food challenge on ‘Survivor’.

Monday: I train hard with Chris, good times. I’m on track. Kettlebells are my biyatch.

Tuesday: I arrive at gym, I’m dressed in pink Adidas pants and ready to rock this thing… then, out of nowhere, my back freaks out. I’m done. What are the chances? Not on assessment week!!!!!

this is me at work with a waterbottle IN MY PANTS. stupid back. (this is a bad angle by the way… my bum’s MUUUUCH smaller. haha)

Wednesday: no gym. No anything.

Thursday: no gym. Nothing.

Friday: assessment day. I’m now beside myself, not only has my planned to work off all the rubbish I’ve eaten in one week, I’m now convinced Chris is going to fire me.

I arrive at one 80 training, like a dog with my tail between my legs. It’s amazing how quickly the guilt sets in because I missed 2 days of training when just a few months ago I wasn’t doing ANY exercise at all and it didn’t bother me at ALL.

Into the little room we go… ya, sooooo don’t love the part where Chris gets the callipers out and plays with my fat. This time, I don’t even want to see the results.

Ok so let’s recap:

After 4 weeks: 7.71% body fat lost



After 8 weeks: 10.89% body fat GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost puked I was so happy!


I am, however starting to realise some things…

A: I should stop shooting mind bullets at the ladies with hot bodies, those betties are working flipping hard to keep that shape.

B: what the scale says REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. I keep getting told muscle weighs more than fat, and muscle burns fat, so get muscle, lose fat… and screw the scale. (not literally, that would be weird, and I’m not taking the blame for anyone’s scale fetish)

C: no matter how much I don’t FEEL like it, I need to just do it. It actually feels amazing afterwards. Endorphins are much cheaper than anti depressants.

D: smoking before gym is never the best idea

E: make sure you go to a gym with hot trainers because when you hurt yourself, they massage you. I HIGHLY recommend

F: this one I’m still trying to come to grips with, but rewarding my almost 11% body fat loss with a, um, couple bottles of wine and junk food is NOT the way to achieving a flat stomach.

I still have almost 9% body fat to lose, but you know what… I’m 11% closer.

I have never felt better. I’m very much on my path to being #ThinBy30

As the boys at ‘one 80’ would say… ELITE!


6 comments on “Thin By 30 (part II)

  1. WOW! Thats is AMAZING LEE. WELL DONE!!!! Keep going lady, I will massage your back for free for as long as you’re gyming! How about that?!

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