An Ode To Red Wine

My dear red wine, I love you so,

From the best pinotage, to a box merlot.

I love the way you smell and taste,

A single drop… I will never waste.

Subtly you go straight to my head,

Next think I know, I’m passed out in bed.

But I received some news, and it’s not so great,

From a man who puts the dic in dictate.

He’s my personal trainer, his name is Chris,

And he said I should be giving you a miss.

He says you’re full of sugar and bad for me,

THIS coming from a man who drinks green tea.

So it seems that for now, as much as it makes me bleak,

I must set you aside, just during the week.

Please don’t ‘pop your cork’ my friend,

I’ll still down a bottle at least once a weekend.

And I promise, very soon, we’ll be dancing dirty,

But first, I must get #ThinBy30

a poem by Keri Miller

check out the man who is making me cut down on my beautiful wine…

Chris Seymour – one80 training


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