Riaan Cruywagen’s my boytjie!

Riaan Cruywagen born on October 5, 1945 is a South African television news reader and voice artist who has been associated with the South African Broadcasting Corporation since its first television broadcasts in 1975.
In June 2003, following an outcry over reports that Cruywagen’s contract with the SABC would not be renewed, an agreement between the SABC and UASA (United Association of South Africa) was reached. His contract was renewed, and it was announced that he would continue with his duties for a period of time.

It was waaaaaay before SABC made him ‘cool’ that Mr. Cruywagen was deep in the heart of many a ‘hipster’. Early last year, I got into a ‘de/motivational poster’ phase, and today, I would like to share with you one such poster, that still makes me smile…


By the way… Word  is, if you ever get to interview ol’ Riaan, there are two subjects you are NEVER allowed to broach.
1) his age
2) his hair (piece)

According to Wikipedia, Riaan is 67 years old. I genuinely thought he was a hologram, he really has looked EXACTLY the same since ’86.
And his hair…. I don’t know what the fuss is about. Looks real to me… and Jacques Kallis.

That is all.
(since I originally wrote this post, ol’ Ri Ri has decided to retire. )

Television legend Riaan Cruywagen is set to retire. According to Afrikaans daily Beeld, the veteran newsreader is finally stepping away from our screens after 37 years of service for the SABC.

Acting head of news at the SABC Jimi Matthews confirmed on Thursday that Cruywagen would retire in November.

Cruywagen revealed that he was looking forward to a holiday after doing approximately 7000 broadcasts.


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