A few months ago for my VERY first time ever, I had a photo shoot. It was a photo shoot for work and I was nervous but I presumed I was in good hand. OH MY GOODNESS. If I say I was given a beehive that would make Amy Winehouse (R.I.P) proud, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. 
When you haven’t been on ‘shoots’  before you don’t want to act like a bloody diva, so I just went with it. Beehive and all. Then I was handed a leopard print coat and red lipstick. Oh sweet flipshizzle. WHY? WHY ME? I looked like a cast member from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, my friend Gen even went as far as to say I looked like Fran Drescher’s best friend from ‘The Nanny’. 

Ok, I thought, don’t panic. It’s only a picture. Oh wait, what? Z- Cards? Bio pics? please nooooo. Luckily for me, we got a new PR team who agreed that I looked like a twat. They decided to reshoot just this week. THANK FLIP. ok so here we go, I know now to stand my ground. Make up was AMAZING done by Pam Gray (pgraymakeup@gmail.com). My hair looked MUCH better and our PR manager had her own wardrobe with her so I had a sick outfit. 

This should be good, MUCH BETTER. You know how you want to see pics STRAIGHT away? so I got sent just one, (I prefer the ones where I’m smiling, but this is all they had.) cool, I can’t wait… 

email gets sent… it’s a great pic, but something is weird, different. you have GOT to be kidding me. All my moles and beauty spots are gone. GONE. I’VE BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED. 
I HATE photoshop. If you’re going to remove my beauty spots you might as well make my eyes green while you’re at it, make my boobs bigger and my hair red. I mean… what the actual flipshizzle??? I have a no photoshop rule. A good pic is a good pic, I’m not a model, and am actually offended that someone thought my ‘face’ should be changed. 

I would rather look average in a photo and look better in real life, than look AMAZE in a pic and look sh*t in person. fact. 
Since I first noticed this I was told that actually it was just a draft pic and it wasn’t ACTUALLY my pic. Luckily for me, our PR peeps and our photographer agreed that I look better with my beauty spots. haha. 



4 comments on “I HAVE A NO PHOTOSHOP RULE!

  1. Hey Kerry, sorry we gave you a fright but the first pic you saw was just a very rough random image. The retouching on it was to the extreme, for a very specific look and it was just so we could evaluate at all the options but we all agreed that we needed to go natural with the images as per the second pic you got. Still not the final selection though so a smile is still possible 🙂 Having said that, the green eyes, and red hair is really not a problem to do 🙂

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